Sunday, 13 October 2013


My niece Najla Qadira (D/o M.S. Seyeda Maryam) has written this poem. This is her debut poem!

Process of Death...!

No one can predict when it comes
No one can escape when it comes
The most ferocious... the most horrible...
Piercing thorns of death

Comes in search of us
At the right time
Whoever we are
Wherever we are

Creepy hands crawling
Amidst streams of blood
Open the gates of his destiny!
Dragging him into the state of death!

A strange, chilly breeze blows...
Departing the soul from his delicate body
A state of inexpressible pain...!
As if bloody hands are choking his throat.

Neither scream nor cry could help him out!
Because it's his fate
Which leaves behind
A half lively soul

Groaning & screaming through & through
Amidst the cradle of death
Struggling and choking for his last breath...
No one could save him

Because... it's his destiny
Following the footsteps towards grave!
Departing his soul from this world
It leads him to another world

Which decides his entry
Either to heaven, or to hell...!

Najla Qadira

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